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Privacy Expectations: Woman attacks boy for flying drone

HARTFORD, Conn. -- A dispute over a remote-controlled helicopter and privacy rights lead to assault charges for a Connecticut woman. 

She says a teenage boy was using the helicopter to take pictures of beach-goers. 

The argument was caught on camera and posted to YouTube. 

It all started when a teen was using a remote control aircraft and having that aircraft hover over beach goers. The cause of concern there was a camera mounted on the aircraft.

The video shows the struggle Austin Haughwout captured on his cell phone. He had been using the drone on the beach and mounted a camera to it. 

Since it is in a public area, it is all perfectly legal. However, it made Andrea Mars uncomfortable. 

That's when she says she asked him what he was doing and he began to fumble with the equipment. 

"In the video you see my arm go like this because he has a cell phone in his hand and that's when he punches me in the back of the head and grabs me by the hair," Mars said. 

The teen tells a different story. 

"She was the one that attacked me as you can see in the video -- she took a swing at me and I began falling to the ground," the teen said. 

Deep's Environmental Conservation Police charged Mears with assault and breach of peace. 

"It's just really uncomfortable knowing that people are watching you and can have the occur over you," she said. "I still feel there should be some type of consent to it because you're on someone else's camera. You don't know where that footage is going to go. You don't how it is going to be used or where it's going to be sent to."

Since the video of the alleged attack has gone viral, Mears says she has been attacked online, which is why she would only talk to CNN if her face was not shown.

"It makes me feel violated that I don't know what he did with my images and where they area," the woman said.

"I wanted to get this public so that if someone had been a victim of her lies before they would be able to bring it up and get proper justice for it," the teen said. 

Only Mears is facing charges in the incident and she says she is fine with whatever the court hands down. 


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